GC Rugby | 03.11.2015

Matchreport 31.10.2015: RC Luzern - GC 2 5-6

It was the day of the Rugby World Cup Final, but for the players of Zurich 2nds the crucial match first was away to Luzern RFC.  

The game kicked off in dry flat conditions at 1300 in Luzern, almost in the shadow of the Swissporarena stadium.

However it was not a game for players to hide in shadows, but to stand up and be counted on the pitch. The first half was a very physical affair, with both teams testing the opponents defense, usually without success. Credit must be given to both sides for excellent organisation and tackling in the first 40 minutes. However it was only Luzern that managed to get any points in the first half with an unconverted try and lead at the break 5-0.

Zürich came out in the second half with the determination and attitude that has been characteristic of many of their performances this season. The Zurich players continued to defend well, but now started pressing towards the Luzern try line. They were rewarded with a penalty, calmly converted by Oli Dias, making the score 5-3.

The game became tense, with both sides fighting for the win. Zürich, remained calm and stuck to their strategy. With 10 minutes left they were awarded a penalty. Dias stepped up, showing confidence and skill to again make the kick, Zurich were 5-6 in the lead.

The game continued to be very tight, but as the clock ticked down, Zürich’s defense did not falter and they bravely held on for a very, very narrow win!

The final score: RC Luzern 5 – 6 GC Zürich 2nds

Luzern must be congratulated on a strong performance and thanked for their hospitality. Zürich had to dig deep to get the closest of wins.

Special mention to Hugo Grasset and Kenji Caprice playing their club debuts!

1. Kevin Leopfe 2. Toma Montanari 3. Nico Scharenac 4. Arsène Ljubenovic 5. Ramiro Dip 6. Christian Strong 7. Hugo Grasset 8. Eoghan Crawford 9. Oli Dias 10. Romain Kooger 11. Yannick Pingualt 12. Ben Rau 13. Robbie Walker 14. Alessandro D’Amico 15. Dominic Moser 16. Samer Hamze 17. Lukas Fopma 18. Matthias Kauffman 19. Arnie Devine 20. Kenji Caprice 21. Dominic Kern 22. Florian Bousquet        

“Coaching team” – 1. Robbie Wishart 2. Stefan Matar 3. Christian Gut
“Travelling Support” – Christopher Johnson, Andras Szalai