GC Rugby | 27.06.2016

Matchreport NLC June 25, 2016: RC Haute Broye - GC 10-53

The 2nd team made the trip down to rural Palézieux-Village to play their last game of the season against Haute Broye.  The Zürich team, playing with only 14 men, played to their strengths and a solid scrum base and well managed line-outs from the forwards allowed the backs to run freely cutting through the Haute Broye defence.
The home team put up a strong resistance but the quality of the Zürich players was evident throughout the match resulting in a win for Zürich. 9 tries were scored with Sylvain Coutu scoring 3 tries, Louis Reyes 2 tries and Finlay Small, Mathias Niffeler, Shane Peter and Christian Espinola all getting 1 try each. Small converted 4 times.  
The final score: Haute Broye 10 – 53 GC Zürich 2nds
The 2nd team finish the campaign at 14 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss with many good stories and memories along the way. Finishing 2nd in the league by 1 bonus point is an achievement to be proud of, but they should be even prouder of the fantastic team spirit and development of new players that was accomplished this season.
1. Dominic Kern, 2. Shane Peter, 3. Jonas Wendler, 4. Mathias Niffler, 5. Dominik Arendt, 6. Kevin Kindler, 7. Christian Espinola, 8. Christian Strong, 9. Louis Reyes, 10. Finlay Small, 11. Markus Rüegger, 12. Sylvain Coutu, 13. Robbie Wishart, 14. Rico Hilpertshauser