GC Squash | 06.10.2015

Club Champion 2015 - Paul Steel!

This year's club championship took place on Saturday 26th September, on a beautiful sunny day.

We had a full 16 table, providing everybody with 4 games, played as best of 3. This was intended to prevent complete exhaustion by the end of the day, in order to leave a little energy for the BBQ and party.

The matches kicked off promptly and we soon found that too much time had been allocated per game - the best of 3 format proving to go by very quickly indeed. We therefore shortened the timetable a bit, playing out the majority of the matches in plenty of time to allow people to appreciate the sunny day, before settling down to watch the final.

Before I get to the final, I have two special mentions for under-achievers of the day:  Mr. Valpiani gets the first, as he was the only player to achieve the dreaded donut! (At least he'd made it as far as the semi-final before achieving this against the eventual winner). And Mr. Buchli receives my other special mention for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, squandering 4 match balls against Mr. Els in their third round match.  Well done to these two for providing a couple of fine lowlights for the tournament ;-)

So to the final. As expected, this was contested between our two tournament heavyweights, Messrs Steel and Woodliffe.  Mark got off to a frankly dreadful start, with Paul in total control of the game and making it look far too easy as he took the first game 11/2. Mark wasn't going to let go that easily though and having warmed up and got the crowd behind him, the second game was a much more closely contested affair - 11/8 to Paul. In the third, Mark stepped up another notch and after trading points for most of the game, Mark was able to take the last four points for an 11/7 win. Paul however wasn't to be outdone and despite a slow start in the fourth, got ahead and didn't let go in a close game to win 11/9.  A 3/1 victory for Paul and a well deserved win!  

Both finalists gratefully received their post match beer as everyone else started with the evening event. The BBQ consisted of an excellent selection of food prepared and served by Metzgerei Buffoni (Illnau).  With both the food and drinks funded by the club, everyone enjoyed the meal, which was followed by a selection of cakes brought by club members.  It was also great to see some members’ families come along for the evening, with some of the potential next generation of players enjoying themselves on the courts.

In fact, the evening was so enjoyable that it seems no-one (myself included – my bad!) thought to take any photos to go with the report, until the end of the evening when only a few stragglers were left to appreciate the lounge’s night time ambience (the lighting for which was provided by Daytona Event GmbH). If anyone does have some, please send them to me to put into the gallery :-)

So all in all a very successful and enjoyable day which kicked the new season off in style.

Thanks to all for their attendance, to the club for the funds and particularly to Erich for all the work he did to make the evening a success.

See you all next year (when I hope we’ll be able to manage a 32 strong tournament!) on September 24th 2016!  Put it in your diaries now!

Take a look at a few photos of the occasion in our gallery here!


Mark Robbins