GC Squash | 20.11.2015

NLA Herren & Damen 19. November 2015

Grasshoppers vs Sihltal

Mark Woodliffe vs Michi Müller

We had all heard that Michi had been seriously training and knowing that he can put the ball away this was the most anticipated match of the evening and they did not disappoint, although for Sihltal maybe not the outcome they had hoped for.  Mark was too smart and moving Michi in all four corners and giving us a solid point.

Olli Tuominen vs Dimitri Steinmann

Olli having just arrived from the World Championships in Seattle seemed not to be troubled by any jetlag nor his opponent, Dimitri, a promising Swiss Junior.  His length was superb and he showed a lot of patience and at times frustrating Dimitri by retrieving everything that was thrown at him on the bouncy court. Point two for us.

Jonas Dähler vs Luca Zatti

Jonas was in control of the entire match, never in doubt, despite some great two wall boasts by Luca that caught Jonas out a few times.  Entertaining match and another point for us.

Marcel Straub vs Andreas Dietzsch

The team having already won should have been no pressure on Marcel, but it was not his day and giving away too many cheap points, Dietzsch ran away with their only win.

Grasshopper Ladies vs Uster

The ladies team of Birgit Courfal, Cindy Merlo and Jasmin Ballmann finished off a great night with a 3-0 win over Uster in front of an engaged crowd.