GC Squash | 16.11.2015

NLA Herren Panthers I vs Grasshoppers

Jan Kurzmeyer vs Jonas Dähler 6-11, 3-11, 5-11

Jonas being the higher seeded player needed a few rallies but once he got going and cut out the errors pulled away talking the first 11-6.

Jonas nicely asserting his position on the T, not giving anything to his opponent, running away with the game taking it 11-3.

Jonas quickly putting a few points together, only to see them disappear with some unforced errors and maybe a little lapse in concentration but never really losing control and finishing the game 11-5.

Dennis Grüter vs Mark Woodliffe 5-11, 5-11, 10-12

First few points traded equally to 5 all but then Mark just played some clever squash, catching Dennis with a few lovely two-wall boasts and a few rallies later converted his first game ball, taking it 11-5

More of the same in the second from Mark, playing some great squash, not making any mistake being two in the clear.

Dennis throwing everything he's got at Mark going 4-2 ahead, only to find himself 8-5 a few rallies later. Another superb two-wall boast catching Dennis out, gives Mark the first match ball.  However, Dennis has other ideas extending the rallies saving 4-match ball levelling 10 all only to hit the tin giving Mark another match ball that he didn't let slip this time finishing the match with a dying length.

Alexander Imhof vs Csaba Forro

Pretty levelled to 6 all, Csaba creating some chances but making some errors in the front to see himself 6-10 down. 

In the second, he never got a rhythm and only managed to get a couple points on the board.

He never got back into the match and Alex didn't lose any focus and closed out the match.

Cedric Kuchen vs Andre Haschker

Tightly contested first game, Cedric having started the better leading 8-4 but Andre getting stuck in levelling 10 all after saving 2 game balls. A lucky frame shot at 13 all by Andre, Cedric clips the tin and Andre takes the hotly contested first 14-12.

Andre stayed in front the whole game leading 8-4.  Cedric playing some lovely backhand drop shots and counter drops only to hit an unforced error in the next rally, Andre took his second game ball to go 2 clear 11-5.

In the third they were never more than a couple of points apart, At 9-8 Andre wins a mega rally but Cedric has first game ball, Andre levels again but this time Cedric puts in a great cross that although Andre gets his racket under doesn't make it to the front and a roller gives Cedric the third 12-10.

Trading points in the fourth, Andre solid as always, Cedric more of the same winner, error but not enough and Andre closes it out 11-8.