GC Squash | 23.01.2016

NLA Herren Vitus Schlieren v GC

Vitis v GC


Manuel Wanner v Paul Steel 11/7, 11/2, 11/4


Manu taking the first 11-7 in convincing fashion not giving many chances to his older opponent.  Much of the same in the second and Manu is up 2/0.  Unfortunately, the third was no different and Manu closed it out 11/4.  Paul never really stood a chance.


Danny Oeschger v Mark Woodliffe 10/12, 2/11, 8/11


Much closer game on the court next door and Mark getting a bit annoyed at himself on not getting the length he's looking for as he is still warming up but eventually taking it 12/10.


Woody in control now and simply outplaying his opponent taking it 11/2.  


Danny managed to step it up in the third and it was point for point but Woody wasn't having it and rallied a few points off to take the game 11/8 - giving us the first win of the night.


Tarek Shehata v Jonas Daehler 11/4, 6/11, 3/11, 5/11


After being 6/2 in the second, Jonas started to mount his comeback on a seemingly tiring Tarek who didn't make a single point after that and it's 1 all.  Tarek still looking out of sorts and Jonas playing a lot smarter and he's 2/1 up.  Although play was a bit wild at times and they were trying to outhit each other, Jonas kept his cool and closed out the game and match 11/5.


Daniel Hoffmann V Marcel Straub 5/11, 13/11, 11/5, 11/7


Marcel looking good and charging about taking the first 11/5.  Hofmann stepped it up in the second only to see his game balls disappear by Marcel who looked good to go 2/0 ahead.  A ball called down, that was clearly up gave Hofmann a game ball and a tin by Marcel levelled the match.


After trading a few points Marcel seemed to have gone walkabout and not really putting up much resistance and Daniel takes the 3rd 11-5.


Marcel tried to fight his way back in but in the end too many errors made the difference and Dani closed it out 11-7.


After counting all the points it's a proper draw on games and points 118/118!!!